YC160 CNC Hydraulic Angle Punching and Marking Line

YC160 CNC Hydraulic Angle Punching and Marking Line

YC160 CNC Hydraulic Angle Punching and Marking Line

YC160 Semi-Automatic CNC Angle Punching Machine CNC Machine Tools


Angle Marking machine Product Usage:

This CNC marking line is suitable for electric power, telecommunications, fittings, parking, elevators, air conditioner manufacturing and other fields specifications smaller angle profile double leg side while punching and automatic fixed-length cutting operation, by replacing the mold to achieve the rivet holes, CNC angle mark line Metal Marking Machines long round disposable hole-hole, hole molding.

 CNC Angle Line Product Features:

1, the device uses a single blade shear, eight-plane shear blades can be reversed using, both to improve the utilization of raw materials, but also improves the cutting quality and tool life.

2, the device implements the NC carriage feed, automatic length measuring PC and NC program seamless, precise length measuring length, high precision, easy to use.

3, CNC angle mark the equipment NC feed rail car using precision linear guide + precision rack structure, not only improves the stability of the production line, but also improves the accuracy of the guide rail.

Angle Marking machine CNC angle punching Main Technical Specifications:



Model YC160 CNC Hydraulic Punching and Marking Line
Angle Size 16Mn 40x40x3-160x160x14
Max punching capacity(diameter xthickness)(mm)     Φ26Х14
Punching nominal force(kN) 1000
Making nominal force(kN) 1000
Quantity of working station two punching stations, one marking station
Varieties of hole two
Number of character twelve
Dimension of character(mm) 14Х10Х20
Stadia of hole
≥40-63 20
≥70-100 32
≥110-125 42
≥140-160 50
Min distance between hole and edge(mm) 25
AC Servo motor power (kw)       X axis(side stop) 15
Y axis(changing of stadia) 10
Max stroke of side stop workpiece(m) 8-10
Positioning speed of side stop workpiece(m/min) 20
Precision of workpiece In accordance with GB2694-2003
Net weight(kg) 5500

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