ZW Angle Steel Bending Machine

ZW Angle Steel Bending Machine

ZW Angle Steel Bending Machine

ZW120 Manual Angle Steel Bending Machine.

Angle bender Machine Features:

1.ZW Angle Steel Bending Machine iron worker tools is a compact hydraulically powered machine which duty at a small folding operation on the design of high efficiency cells to achieve the smallest footprint requirement.

2. 90°horizontal bend, simple manual operation, five minutes church, processing angle range 30x30x3mm - 120x120x12mm.


3.Angle steel bender  The whole angle bending machine is delivered to the customer fully assembled, you only need to add hydraulic oil, power can fully use, easy to maintain.




Angle Bending Machine angle work machine Main Technical Specifications:

Model : ZW120 QZW120
Angle Size (mm): 30x30x3 - 120x120x12 30x30x3 - 120x120x8
Notching (bending) Force (KN) 150 760
Bending Angle Size 90° 90°
System Pressure (Mpa) 10 25
Motor Power (Kw) 4 7.5
Maching Format Horizontal Bending

Vertical Cutting Angle,

Horizontal Bending

Operation Method Manual Manual

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