PZSD Series Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate

PZSD Series Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate

PZSD Series Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate

PZSD1208-12 CNC Multi Spindle Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate.

Sieve Plate Machine Introduction

The axis CNC machine sieve machine CNC drilling, there are 3 CNC axes, 12 simultaneously drill, mainly used in large-scale production of sheet metal drilling, is a dedicated apparatus for drilling sieve. With high efficiency, save manpower, pitch control and high accuracy.

Multi axis drilling machine Structure Introduction

The Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate machine consists of the bed, sliding up and down the drill housing portion, X / Y direction moving stage water circulation system and the like.

1 bed using C-type structure after annealing steel plate welded overall, to ensure that the same type of bed beautiful.

2, sliding up and down the drill casing section: This section is the core of the device. 12 drill up and down motion is controlled by a servo motor to ensure the accuracy of the tool into the plate; 12 drill consists of four groups inverter motor drive, a group of three, the motor is rotated at the same time. Inverter motor can output different speeds, it is possible depending on the material and sheet thickness adjustment motor speed to achieve the best processing results. The distance between the drill bit is 90mm. You can assign hole spacing within 90mm.

3, the plate fixed on the table, activity table can move anywhere within the working range.

Requirements plate drilling Multi axis drilling machine must try to be the origin of the positioning block by pressing the surrounding compact, sheet covered the following 15 ~ 30mm flat board. Steel before processing to try leveling, no significant deformation.

We must ensure that the drill Multi Spindle Drilling Machine bit extends the same length as the drill bit.


PZSD Series Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate


Model PZS1208-12 PZS1508-15
Max workpiece dimension mm 1200×800 1500×800
Max thickness of workpiece 12 12
Range of drilling diameter mm Φ3-Φ10 Φ3-Φ10
Type of drilling power head Servo feed drilling head Servo feed drilling head
Drilling speed(feeding speed) mm/min 50-220(Common steel)
30-120(Satinless steel )
50-220(Common steel)
30-120(Satinless steel )
Quantity of drilling power head 4(Each spindle 3) 5(Each spindle 3)
Drilling axis 12 15
Morse taper of spindle 3# 3#
Distance between the bottom of the spindle to work table mm 100-320 100-320
Motor power of power head 2.2  4 level 2.2  4 level
Rotating speed of spindle 300-2800 300-2800
Vertical stroke of power head(Z axis) mm 220 220
Servo motor power of Z axis kw 1.0 1.2
Longitudinal movement stroke of work table(X axis) mm 800 800
Servo motor power of X axis kw 1.0 1.0
Transverse movement stroke(Y axis) mm 1200 1500
Servo motor power of Y axis  (kw) 1.0 1.0
Quantity of CNC axis 3 3
Total motor power  (kw) 12 14
Weight of the machine (kg) About 3000 About 3000

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