Steel structure/stereo garage processing Machines

Steel structure/stereo garage processing Machines

Our steel / processing three-dimensional garage steel structure machine equipment products are: 3D CNC drilling machine, large gantry portable 3D CNC drilling, nine three-spindle CNC drilling machine, CNC sawing corner, rectangular tube CNC boring machine, CNC punching machine, CNC drilling, angle steel processing equipment pipe welding machine, steel processing equipment.

Structural Steel Fabrication Steel CNC machines for sale Application: sports stadiums, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, factories, mining, offshore, bridges, towers and other transmission substation.

As a three-dimensional drilling application IPMMC steel processing equipment model, Steel Beam Drilling Machine,Steel structure machine is used in steel, parking, bridges, construction and other industries of the H-beam cnc machining, channel and large angle of drilling. Three simultaneous drilling spindle, spindle nine more efficient.

SWZ Series 3D CNC drilling machine for buildings, bridges, truss industry characteristics carefully designed research and development, faster processing speed, high precision and high efficiency automatic welding machine.

Installed security monitoring and alarm system downtime, when the drill broke other unexpected situations can occur automatically stop running, to avoid further accidents.

Due to the high IPMMC steel / garage perspective Steel Frame Structures processing equipment Steel Beam Drilling Machine efficiency and utility cost, customers are Australia, Canada, the United States, India, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Arabia, Qatar, Tunisia and other countries, praised by customers .

1, to ensure compliance with the packaging 3D CNC drilling moisture, rain, rust, corrosion and vibration requirements, clear identification is correct, so that the safety of goods arrived in time to the scene.
  2, Steel structure machine high-quality, efficient technical services
  (1) In order to better ensure the normal operation of the 3D CNC drilling, timely answers to questions raised by users, help users solve the problem, the company ad hoc maintenance center, responsible for equipment maintenance and around the technical advisory services. Maintenance Center from full-time engineers responsible ready to provide technical advisory services free of charge.
  (2) The company has a maintenance center 24-hour telephone service, Steel Beam Drilling Machine the user calls accepted full-time engineers, to ensure that users in the use of equipment in the process, timely technical support.
  3, free for users commissioning, open
  Field engineer responsible for the installation of equipment, commissioning, open, testing. After successful commissioning equipment, the supplier shall provide written test results to the user in the user's consent only after the supply-side technical personnel evacuated.
   4, life-long maintenance, to ensure that the interests of users
  Equipment IPM CNC Machinery machine tools from the date of acceptance date, under normal conditions (except for man-made damage and force majeure), free warranty for 12 months. Warranty expires, the company continues to provide lifetime free service, if necessary replacement parts, only charge the cost.
  5, Structural Steel Fabrication the establishment of user files, improve product quality
  In addition to the company to carry out maintenance center outside users technical advisory services,structural steel fabrication is also responsible for receiving complaints and collect user information consulting, assurances and requirements of users can receive timely treatment, and treatment to track and verify. At the same time create a user profile record usage of the product, provide the basis for future improvement of the quality of products. We will continue to strive to provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services.

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