Industrial Handheld Induction Heating Equipment

Industrial Handheld Induction Heating Equipment

Industrial Handheld Induction Heating Equipment

 Industrial Handheld Induction Heating Equipment,Handheld induction heating equipment,induction brazing heating machine.

Induction Heating Machine Usage:

the induction heating machine equipment integrates intermediate frequency power,coaxial water-cooled cable,hands held transformer and intelligent control in one set ,with features of high energy density, high energy conversion efficiency,high intelligent level,and with a small volume. One of its main parts-the HHT is easy to operate as an ordinary electrodrill,it is easy to access and heat workpieces from a variety of positions, and at the same there is no naked flame,on combustible gas,all electric operation, and it is environmental friendly.

Induction machine High performance; induction brazing machine the unique patented hand held transformer achieves 100 percent conversion of the magnetic field energy ,and gets the maximum electromagnetic conversion efficiency from the source.

Portable; The flexible coaxial water-cooled cable connects the small HHT with the ultra audio frequency induction heating power. It can conveniently induct heat into the workpiece that is hard to access.

High efficiency and energy saving: with coaxial forced water cooling,the hand held transformer adequately addresses heat dissipation issues,has achieved long working time and service life.The unique sealed secondary winding has achieved high concentration and zero leak of magnetic field energy.

The automatic control system:induction welding based on signals from thermometry and other sensors, it can heat with fixed time intervals and/or fixed temperature.

The expert system: combined with the advise and experience from a welding expert,based on actual parameters of the workpiece,it can set appropriate heating curves. The operator can make necessary adjustments according to actual working conditions,and set heating parameters based on actual operating experience.

Induction heater Convenient and flexible to use: The transformer is designed small-sized. The 35kw hand held transformer weighs only 4kg. It can be used with only one hand.


Induction Brazing Machine Main Technical Specifications:


Parameters and Description

Handheld transformers

Transformer cable end in water, can be hand-held mobile

Water Cable length


Handheld transformer weight


Heating efficiency (power output)


Magnetic leakage

Zero magnetic leakage

Supporting automation

Easy integration

Equipment size




User interface

LED touch screen



Power Range

6 - 80KVA

cooling method

Cold water

Infrared Temperature Measurement


Cold water circulator


Whether remote control


Minimum heating area

2X2 cm²

Sensor versatility


Resonant frequency


Device customization


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