CNC Steel Pipe/Joint Plate & Flange Welding Machines

CNC Steel Pipe/Joint Plate & Flange Welding Machines

IPM ® automatic welding machines CNC machine products contains: Gantry Welding Steel Pipe Production Line,
Self-Adjustable Roller Stand,CNC Steel Pipe-Plate/Flange Welding Machine,Gantry Linking/Straightening Machine Hydraulic Steel Pipe,hand of induction heating power machine,induction heater,etc.

gantry welding machine is mainly used for large diameter submerged arc welding steel pipe, steel plant H-beam welding.
standard rectangular frame pipe welding machine is welded steel milling machine, light weight, high strength. Automatic bi-directional device using linear guide, high tracking accuracy, small size, the weld dynamic tracking, and enables two-way reciprocating welding, weld quality assurance, improve work efficiency.
using automatic flux recovery vacuum feed device, high flux recovery efficiency, cutting a smooth, cost-effective, reduce labor intensity.
the welding power source and wire feed head technology uses advanced DC arc welding power supply and hanging head welding automation, welding solutions excellent welding performance, stable arc, good welding quality, beautiful shape.
with double wire single arc or double wire double-arc welding function according to user needs, effectively improve the welding efficiency.
continuous weld uniform appearance, strong penetration, forming, welding, high efficiency custom cnc machine, speed 1-3 m / min, is MIG tripled. Welding costs less than gas welding, is currently the fastest power pole welding industry, the effect is good, the lowest price of the machine.

Self-Adjustable Roller Stand is used for automatic welding machine welding circular tube.Pipe welding machine CNC drilling machine Can adjust within wide range according to the size of the tube.Stepless speed regulation,advanced perfprmance,reliable quality welding automation ,servical specifications can be choosed.If there is special requirments we can also design for you.

CNC Steel Pipe-Plate/Flange Welding Machine is used for welding of steel pipe welding solutions,busbar machine joint plate, either end of flange, side tube and site tube flange.
It is made up of flange with main and subordinate chuck , side tube module units and retainer plate; main and secondary cartridges and side tube are driven by serve motor, movable position digital display or CNC control. Rotating of workpiece or positioning of side tube can also use servo motor driving, realize angle digital display or CNC control,CNC milling machine easy operation, high precious of the position of the side tube welded. Accurate positioning, high efficiency.

IPMMC hand of induction heating power machine induction heater supply can be widely used in: metal heating,preheating,quenching,melting,welding,surface treatment of giant tanks drilling tools,hot charging and hot discharge,solidfication and adhesion,hot straightening of deformation,refining of semiconductor materials, heat sealing of plastic,etc.

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