SWZ series CNC H-beam drilling machine CNC sieve plate drilling machine automatic production line for marking,punching and shearing of angles CNC angle drilling and marking line(patent) CNC hydraulic high-speed punching/drilling machine for plate CNC drilling machine for tube sheet/flange double gantries high-speed CNC drilling machine CNC drilling and milling machine rolling type angle straightening machine CNC multi-spindle drilling machine for sieve plate

NC.40Z-2000 CNC hydraulic busbar bending machine

IPM® NC.40Z busbar bending machine CNC Hydraulic Busbar Bending Machine Bar Processing Machine structure simple, stress reasonable,easy to charge and discharge materials ect.

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MX602K-7C CNC busbar punching shearing machine

IPM ® MX602K-7C CNC busbar punching shearing machine cut/punch(all kingds of round/square/special holes and slot type)/chamfer/emboss the copper/aluminum busbar ect.

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PZ3030G High speed Movable Gantry CNC drilling machine

IPM ® PZ3030G High speed Movable Gantry CNC drilling machine is used for the efficient processing of flange 、ring flange or other circlip materials for drilling and milling. It can drill through holes、blind holes or slot milling on simp

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CJ 103 CNC Hydraulic High-Speed Punching/Drilling Machine

IPM® Sheet Metal Hole Punch machine Advantages:High Speed Punching Machine,punching process Modular assembling for main functional parts,steel hole punch easy maintenance;sheet metal hole punch high workpiece accuracy.

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PZ1610 CNC Movable Double-Tables Gantry Drilling Machine

IPM® PZ1610 CNC Drill machine online technical Data:drilling machine manufacturers machine used in construction, bridges, towers,drilling steel machine high-pressure innercooling pump,drilling metal plate machine low-pressure outercooling p

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JX2532 CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Line(patent)

IPM® Angle Drilling machine Advantages:drill hole in angle iron Angle iron drill Numerical controlled,drill angle steel three axes servo motor driven;angle drill machine Double side angle drilling,drill angle iron high working efficiency

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JXG Rolling Type Angle Straightening Machine (High-Speed)

IPM® Angle Straightening machine Advantages:steel straightening machine High-speed straightening angle,The angle steel can be straightened one time at passing the angle straightener machine,Straightening angle size 130X130X12mm.

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PZ6030G Double Column CNC High-Speed Drilling Machine

IPM® PZ6030G cnc drill drilling equipment best drill machine Features: Best drill machine Double-spindle drill at the same time,tube drilling machine high efficiency,CNC drilling machine suppliers workpiece of Φ4000mm,drill hole of 750mm.

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Classification of drill machines

Drilling machine refers to the machine tool which mainly uses the drill bit to machine holes in the workpiece. Usually the bit rotation is the main movement, the drill bit moves axially for the feed movement. Drilling machine structure is s

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Steel construction process

[Process] steel construction steel components factory manufacture (loft, item number, cutting, hole making, edge processing, small assembly, final assembly, processing ends and the friction surface treatment, painting, shipping) preparation

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What is CNC Technology?

The first numerical control (NC) technology was developed by John T. Parsons in 1947 while mating a milling machine to an IBM punch card system. It wasnt until the early 1950s that engineers from MIT added the first real computer element to

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